Prophetic Encounter Training

Prophecy Encounter is a training for all believers where we focus on advanced knowledge in spiritual truths and guarantee measurable impartation. The training is designed to create an environment where you are challenged and sharpened in the gifts of the spirit, body, body ministries and leadership ministries also referred to as the fivefold ministry.

The confusion comes from the failure to distinguish between three biblical concepts.

Body Ministries can be found in Rom 12:4-8 and include: Prophecy, Servanthood, Teaching, Exhortation and encouragement, Giving to others and meeting their need.

Then you the higher-level ministries, which are the leadership, ministries that you can find Ephesians 4:11 and are: Apostle, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelist, and Pastor. These are the governing body of the church. And the ministry of the prophet or specifically the prophetic office falls in this category.

Now you know that for every job that you carry out, you need specific tools and skills. The gifts of the spirit are tools and abilities that the Lord gives to his servants to carry out successfully their functions in the church. Since we have both body ministries and leadership ministries, the spiritual gifts are available to both levels of ministries to carry out their functions and serve the Lord efficiently.